Worship Resources

In the blog posts on my site, you can find images and prayers that you may use in your own worship either individually or corporately.  You can find those blog posts containing worship resources by either clicking on the ‘Worship Resources’ tag on the right hand side of the page, or by clicking on a specific tag, for example, Call to Worship.

If you are using any items for corporate worship in your own church or to stream from your church website or social media platform, then I give you my permission to use my resources as long as you credit me as the source…

Copyright: Jane L Henderson, http://www.janelydialoves.wordpress.com.

If you wish to use anything in publications or for any purpose other than described above, then please contact me for permission.  In most cases, where there is no financial gain from using my resources, I may grant permission freely but you will still need to contact me for specific permission.

Thank You.

Jane L Henderson

email: janelydialoves@gmail.com