Advent Words 2017 – day 4


This didn’t get posted yesterday because I was flat out working all day and all evening. It was a long day and I knew it was coming so I did this page in advance.

I prepared – not only for the day’s training I was delivering, and my evening Deacon’s meeting, but also a number of logistical things to make sure my sons were where they needed to be and had what they needed, because my husband was away on business. Oh and of course I prepared my Advent Words page in advance.

It’s a common view that a working Mum’s life is like juggling, or spinning plates. But what this image doesn’t capture is the preparation that has to go in; the amount of mental energy it takes to think ahead and anticipate potential problems and clashes and to take steps to ensure everything runs smoothly.

And sometimes the unexpected happens. The person leading a short session of worship at the start of my training day got the time wrong and was half an hour late meaning we started late and I had to improvise in the moment and then afterwards as I clawed back time to keep us on track.

Later, one of the key people involved in the day had to leave early to respond to a pastoral emergency.

But the point was, because I’d done my prep, I was able to adapt and be flexible and to respond sympathetically to both of my colleagues.

Preparation equips us to handle the unexpected positively.

When we spend time in prayer and meditation on God’s word, we equip ourselves for the moment when God calls us to do something, whether that is simply to respond in empathy with someone going through a tough time, or to say yes to a new ministry.

As our verse in Malachi says, ‘He is coming’. Are our hearts prepared for the mission He will ask of them?