Advent in Lent

I realised that I hadn’t shared the final few pages of my advent Words 2017 and we’re now in Lent, so here’s my mop up of the advent art devotional.


Peace to all

So I managed to get about half way through Advent before Christmas activities and preparations took over. But I want to finish my journal so I will continue to make pages based on the Advent Words 2017 which of course are appropriate at any time of the year since they are taken from Scripture.

But in the meantime I wanted to post a piece of artwork that I had printed into postcards for this year. The sentiment is Peace.

When I look at today’s news I see that the World is divided now more than ever. There seems to be a rise in nationalism and tribalism which sees the ‘other’ in negative ways and ascribes the worst of motives and intentions to ‘them’ while ascribing the best of motives and intentions to ourselves.

It is into this darkness that God sent Jesus as the light of the world; a light to reveal these ‘sins’, but also a light to bring hope and peace in the darkness of despair and conflict.

The People walking in darkness have seen a great light: on those living in the land of deep darkness, a light has dawned.

Isaiah 9:2

So as we celebrate Christ’s Mass together, may you know the great peace that only the Prince of Peace can give.

Merry Christmas!