Advent day 6: Clothe Yourself in Christ

“Clothe yourselves with the Lord Jesus Christ, and do not think about how to gratify the desires of the sinful nature.” Romans 13:14


When we clothe ourselves in Christ, we take on his identity. We don’t just wear him like a Sunday best suit that we choose to swap for our usual outfit when we tire of it.

Accepting Christ means a complete change of who we are. Something we cannot achieve on our own because it’s too easy just to slip back to our old selves.

But when we clothe ourselves in Christ, we allow him to influence who we are. We take on his values, his love, his concern for the poor, the lost, the lonely and the rejected. When we allow him to clothe us fully, we move away from thoughts about self to thoughts about others and so our desires become his rather than those to gratify our own sinful nature.

This advent, are we waiting in anticipation that Christ will clothe us anew and refresh our hearts so that they are in tune with his?

Pause, Ponder, Prepare


One thought on “Advent day 6: Clothe Yourself in Christ

  1. 7minutesnet says:

    Thanks for the reminder – ironic that perhaps at Christmas, more than any other time in the year, the rush to get things done, makes it especially difficult to stop and think about …. anything. meaningful at all. That’s the best thing about Advent for me. Somehow just giving this time a name, a focus, helps me to pause …. a bit anyway!


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