Unconditional love

As we are somewhere between the UK Mother’s Day and the US Mother’s Day, I thought it appropriate to think about Mums and to share some cards I made for my Mum.

This was last year’s Mother’s Day card I made …


And here’s this year’s …


And just for good measure here is the birthday card I made for my Mum too …


The cards are all made with watercolour paints, Promarkers and a black sharpie.

I don’t often make my own cards now because I don’t have much time so I only tend to make them for people I know who will really appreciate the work that’s gone into them.

But I know my Mum will. Partly because she makes her own cards and partly because appreciating your kid’s artwork is what Mums are supposed to do – however old you are.

Encouragement and support for your child is the key to good parenting in my book. It doesn’t mean you turn a blind eye to their faults, but in the ups and downs of life, a child needs to know that whatever happens, Mum and Dad are on their side. It’s called unconditional love. And I’ve had to practise it thousands of times with my kids already. Although we want them to do well at school, and develop good values and behaviours because we know that’s best for them, they know that even if they don’t do these things, we’ll still love them. Even if it seems like the world hates them, there’s a safe and loving place to come home to.

And I know that’s true about God too. God loves us unconditionally, whatever we’ve done. He is a safe place to come home to. He proved this by sending his Son to show us the way back to him.

Here’s a quick doodle in my journal to illustrate this …


And this beautiful verse from Isaiah says it all …

“I have swept away your sins like a cloud.
I have scattered your offenses like the morning mist.
Oh, return to me,
for I have paid the price to set you free.” Isaiah 44:22, New Living Translation.


12 thoughts on “Unconditional love

  1. Chris Goswami says:

    Thanks. Unconditional love needs to be expressed even when our kids behave well ….. eg a nice comment I once saw on a “Congratulations for great exam results” card said something like: “Fantastic exam results! But remember its YOU we love, not your results”.
    I think the unconditional love part gets harder and harder as they grow up (oh if only they were toddlers again – completely under my care). But then I am sure God’s love for me doesn’t decrease with my age ……..


    • janelydialoves says:

      You’re so right Chris, we so often praise our kids when they do good things and therefore link our love and approval with the thing rather than them. I think the answer is also to keep telling them we love them at random moments, just for who they are.


  2. Kristin Van Valkenburgh says:

    I love everything about this post – and even the comments about parenting. As a new homeschool Mom, I needed that reminder – to praise the behavior and actions as well as the results. LOVELY cards too – and happy Mother’s Day to yoU! xoxo


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