Do not worry

Are you a worrier? I don’t think I am particularly. Some people I know seem to find something to worry about even when there isn’t anything. I know people who can find a downside to even the most positive news.

This isn’t me. In the main I’m an optimist and I’ve found it serves me well.

There are times, however, when there is genuinely something to worry about. If you’re unemployed and struggling to find a job, or you’re self-employed and work has dried up, if you’re suffering ill health and waiting on test results; these are all things that can cause worry.

I find comfort in these words on my journal page …


I know these words are easy to say and that some people might think its a naive attitude to hold. But actually though they present a simplistic view, its also the truth. Worry in itself is a destructive emotion that serves no positive purpose. Sometimes its almost as if we worry as a talisman against anything bad happening. If we worry about it then it won’t happen, but if we don’t think about it, it might sneak up on us and take us by surprise!

When we put it like this we see how ridiculous it is to worry. I’m not suggesting we ignore difficult situations, but we need to decide if there is anything constructive we can do to improve the situation and if there is, then we can take positive action.

If there isn’t anything we can do (like when awaiting test results), we need to let go, put the situation in God’s hands and trust in him. He will never forsake us. No matter what difficulties we go through, he is there longing to walk with us, giving us his strength to draw on.

So worry really is pointless. Constructive concern that leads to action is helpful. And prayer will help us to rise above those situations that are out of our control and enable us to put worry aside and simply trust.

    Making the journal page

The background was painted with watercolour washes in two different yellows and a blue (the pink you see in the middle leaked through from another page – I never worry about this happening as I think its a good metaphor for the fact that life is messy, not perfect!). After it dried I cut the bird shape, wings and flowers from an old paperback novel. These were then coloured with pencils and outlined in black fineliner.

After the verse was written I used a small starflower stamp and blue ink to give some texture to the background and used the ink pad to edge the whole piece. Finally I used a white liner to edge the birds and flowers and make them stand out.

The idea was to portray the loveliness of the world we live in and capture the essence of the message that if God provides for birds and flowers and other creatures, then how much more will he provide for us.


5 thoughts on “Do not worry

  1. Chris Goswami says:

    Thanks for your thoughts. I am a natural worrier but discovered after many years tat you can train yourself not to fall prey to worry. Thanking God for everything that remains good and right in the world is a discipline but has become a wonderful therapy for me and I engage in it daily. It is a powerful antidote!


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